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Condrey and Associates, Inc.
is a human resource consulting firm dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art human resource management techniques to state and local government. We utilize a hands-on approach and encourage participation by agency personnel. While many consulting firms provide human resources consulting services, state and local governments are Condrey and Associates’ primary clients. We invite and encourage you to compare the quality of our services with those offered by other firms. 

Dr. Steve Condrey has directed human resource projects in over 800 jurisdictions. All of Condrey and Associates’ consultants have extensive experience in state and local government and are well prepared to provide high quality service to their clients.

Summary of Consultant Qualifications

Dr. Stephen E Condrey

Ms. Jan Hansford

Mr. Mark Knowles

Mr. Mike Mahathirath

Mr. Gene Mays

Mr. James E. Hansford

Dr. Rex Facer

Dr. Christine L Rush

Mr. Reuben Lasseter

Dr. James M Austin, Jr

Dr. Mark Foster

Dr. Cathy Reese

Mr. Brian Burke

Ms. Linda Seagraves

Mr. Patrick Steed

Dr. Gregory L Reece



Dr. Condrey is the editor of the Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government
(1998, 2005 and 2010), which is available through
Jossey-Bass Publishers.