Some Reasons to Select the Services of Condrey and Associates

• High-quality, state-of-the-art product

• Experienced staff, specializing in state and local government operations as well as studies for colleges and universities

• Only experienced classification analysts conduct classification interviews to ensure an internally equitable classification plan

• We work closely with jurisdiction officials and employees in developing the new personnel system—no surprises

• We employ only one writer and one editor, making for clearly written and uniform job descriptions within and across departments

• We are committed to seeing the new classification plan implemented and will provide technical assistance after the project is completed

• No hidden costs—there are no additional charges for revising job descriptions or conducting classification appeals; also, all Condrey and Associates' deliverables, such as job evaluation manuals and performance appraisal systems, become the property of the jurisdiction


classification and pay plans

executive searches

content-valid job descriptions

salary surveys

point-factor job evaluation systems

comparable worth analyses

job design

staffing analyses

merit pay systems

employee attitude surveys

assessment centers

job analyses

personnel policies and procedures

management studies