Stephen E. Condrey, Ph.D.
Steve Condrey has over thirty years of professional experience in human resource management and has consulted nationally and internationally with over 800 organizations concerning personnel-related issues. He is the immediate past Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Public Personnel Administration and is the co-editor of Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries (CRC Press, 2013), editor of the Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government, Jossey-Bass, (1998, 2005 and 2010), and Radical Reform of the Civil Service, Lexington Press, 2001. He is the 1998 recipient of the University of Georgia’s Walter Barnard Hill Award for Distinguished Achievement in Public Service and Outreach and was named Hill Fellow by the University of Georgia in 2004 (the University of Georgia’s highest public service faculty honor). He holds the IPMA-SCP designation from the International Public Management Association for Human Resources. Steve retired from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia in 2010. He was appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Salary Council in 2010. Dr. Condrey was elected as a Fellow to the National Academy of Public Administration in 2012 and was President of the American Society for Public Administration for 2013-2014.

Ms. Jan Hansford.
Jan Hansford, Vice President of Condrey and Associates, is a Principal Human Resource Management Consultant with the Vinson Institute and recently retired as Human Resources Director of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, a consolidated government of over 1600 employees. With over 30 years of related experience, both as a practitioner and as a consultant, Jan specializes in administrative classification issues, Fair Labor Standards Act compliance, and payroll restructuring and administration. She is also well-versed in communicating complex classification and compensation issues in a clear and understandable fashion and will assist in communicating study results to department heads, elected officials, and employees. Ms. Hansford has assisted in managing over 500 personnel-related projects. Jan holds the IPMA-SCP designation from the International Public Management Association for Human Resources.

Mr. Mark Knowles.
Mark Knowles, Principal Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is the founder of – a leading online procurement monitoring system. Mark has prior experience with the Georgia Municipal Association, where he provided technical assistance to local governments.  Mark has assisted with organizational management issues related to technology in several communities including the cities of Rapid City, South Dakota, and Auburn, Alabama.  Mark has experience in performance benchmarking and assisted in the design and implementation of systems in communities such as Lowndes County and Dawson County, Georgia.  Mark has over twenty years of classification and compensation experience and has assisted managing projects in over 200 jurisdictions across the United States.

Mr. Mike Mahathirath.
Mike Mahathirath, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is co-founder of GovDirections – the leading online procurement monitoring service.  Mike has prior experience with the Georgia Municipal Association and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Mike managed one of the largest lease-purchase pools in the United States and implementation of a statewide uniform chart of accounts for Georgia Local Governments. Mike has over twelve years of experience working with local governments throughout the United States.

Mr. Gene Mays.
Gene Mays, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, has over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience as a Patrol Officer, Corporal, Juvenile Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Internal Affairs Officer, and Captain with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. He recently retired as Chief Deputy of the Clarke County, Georgia Sheriff Department. In addition to directly-related law enforcement experience, Gene is a skilled law enforcement consultant, having consulted with numerous jurisdictions concerning personnel-related issues (classification and compensation, job analysis, and assessment centers). Gene coordinated the law enforcement interviews with the City of Anniston, Alabama, Orange County, North Carolina, Jefferson City, Missouri, North Little Rock and Jonesboro, Arkansas, Galveston County, Texas, Wilson, North Carolina, Auburn, Alabama, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Sheridan, Wyoming, Gladstone, Missouri and Jasper, Alabama projects.

Mr. James E. Hansford.
Jim Hansford, Principal Consultant with Condrey and Associates, has over thirty-five years of experience as a Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Chief of Training and Fire Chief of a consolidated government fire department. He recently retired as the Executive Director of the State of Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council, where he administered the certification program for all fire departments in the State of Georgia. Jimmy is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Georgia Firefighters Association. Mr. Hansford is a skilled consultant, having assisted with over 100 personnel-related projects in various jurisdictions.

Dr. Rex Facer.
Rex L. Facer II, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is an Associate Professor in the Romney Institute of Public Management in the Marriott School at Brigham Young University where he teaches in the Master of Public Administration program. President Obama appointed Facer to the Federal Salary Council in 2010. Facer previously served on NASPAA’s Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation, including a term as chair. The commission is the accrediting body for master’s degree programs in public administration Professor Facer regularly lectures and consults nationally and internationally on human resource management and local public finance issues. His published research has appeared in leading peer-reviewed journals. His current research focuses on public sector compensation practices, alternative work schedules, and local government finance. Rex coordinates all performance appraisal design and training as well as all salary equity analyses for Condrey and Associates, Inc.

Mr. Ellis Cadenhead.
Ellis Cadenhead, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, recently retired as Executive Director of the Coweta County (Georgia) Water Authority. Ellis previously served as Executive Director of Electric Cities of Georgia and Assistant General Manager of Newnan Utilities (Georgia), a full-service utilities commission. Ellis is active in various state and national professional organizations. He assisted with the Galveston, Texas, North Little Rock, Arkansas, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (Kentucky), Wilson, North Carolina and Muscatine Power and Water (Iowa) projects. Ellis was the founder of the Georgia Public Web, as well as numerous telecommunications innovations while with Newnan Utilities.

Mr. Reuben Lasseter.
Reuben Lasseter, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is the former Human Resources Director of the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the 22,000 person agency charged with delivering public health and social services to the state’s population. Mr. Lasseter has over 30 years of experience in position classification and compensation as well as other human resource management areas. Reuben was a primary author of the 1996 legislation enacted to reform the Georgia State Merit System.

Dr. James M. Austin, Jr.
Jim Austin, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is President of Austin Consulting, Incorporated.  Dr. Austin has extensive experience in conducting job analysis, assessment center preparation/administration, policy development, training, and position classification activities in a variety of public and private sector organizations including Home Depot.

Dr. Mark Foster.
Mark Foster, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is an industrial psychologist with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement personnel selection and promotion administration. Mark has coordinated the promotional process for the Georgia State Patrol for the past twelve years, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for the past eight years. Additionally, he has consulted nationally with numerous other law enforcement agencies and with Fortune 500 corporations such as Georgia Pacific and Federal Express.

Dr. Cathy Reese.
Cathy Reese, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Arkansas State University where she teaches courses in budgeting, financial administration, and human resource management. Cathy has over 15 years of experience in conducting classification and compensation studies and most recently worked on the North Little Rock and Jonesboro, Arkansas, projects.

Mr. Brian Burke.
Brian Burke, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is a certified Real Estate Appraiser and Firefighter. Brian has consulted with over 30 organizations, and currently works for a local government.

Ms. Linda Seagraves.
Linda Seagraves, Principal Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is a Personnel Specialist with the Vinson Institute of Government. Ms. Seagraves specializes in payroll restructuring and is skilled in calculating project implementation costs so that accurate budget projections are provided to the client. Ms. Seagraves has consulted with over 500 organizations.

Mr. Patrick Steed.
Patrick Steed, Senior Consultant with Condrey and Associates, assists in salary data collection activities and in calculating the costs of project implementation plans. Patrick has consulted with over 40 organizations.

Dr. Greg Reece.
Greg Reece, Principal Consultant with Condrey and Associates, is a skilled technical writer, author and consultant. He holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University (M.Div.) and Claremont Graduate University (Ph.D). He teaches courses in Ethics at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.